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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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hello, iran's ambition has been the main focus so far. saudi arabia, kuwait, united arab emirates all attended the summit at camp david although only kuwait and
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qatar have sent their leaders. and said it would try to make those happen quickly. we are really looking at what we can do to expedite the provision of support, and capacity building to the g.c.c. in areas like missle defense and maritime security. counter terrorism capacity, border security. these are the types of capabilities that i think are directly relevant to the threats across the region. to include not just destabilizing but also terrorist groups like isil. >> in maryland and as we had expected this particular focus on iran has been all about trying to reassure the countries but it is okay to go ahead with the nuclear
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plan. >> what they are saying and what we would expect to see in the final communique, of course, they talk about there being a formality. an exclusive interview on al jazeera on wednesday said that simply wasn't going to happen. they can improve training and special forces. they can improve maritime security. that is very important fur the countries there, and you are also talking about antiterrorism as well. this is what we are willing to give, we hope they see we are committed to them. it is a threat outside the boarders but it is a bigger threat outside the boarders if it has nuclear weapon as
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nuclear umbrella is what he said, so he is hoping that the g.c.c. will see the deal this the eyes of the americans is a much better prospect in the middle east, and for the g.c.c. and the world as a whole. he says this is about one specific issue, this is the nuclear issue. everything else as far as he is concerned remains the same. important political dip lo it maic and military allies in that region. >> they have never had any indication that they want to begin an arms race in the region. well there's always been this suspicion for iran gets nuclear weapons then sotted yeah arabia will look they still aren't close to producing a nuclear weapon, what they are involved in is a defensive program which can
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think some time, lead to the possibility, so no other g.c.c. country has said yes this is what we want to do they have approached and as ben pointed out. they have a program in place where it would be able to access energy. have the united states without a domestic reprocessing. so he said there are many areas where they can still consult and clap rate, where they can still help the countries but he is insisting what is important is a nuclear deal and a nuclear deal alone. he believes the relationship is important, america sees that, president obama sees that and that is why they are holding this meeting here to give them a update on the precedings with the talks with iran, and where we see that going essentially, he is asking for they support. it might be different than what is said internationally.
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>> thank you very much. with me now in the studio, is political analyst who listened to that press conference with me, how reassure redirect examination the gulf countries likely to be by what has been said so far about iran. >> they can be somewhat reassured but not totally reassured because i don't think there's anything that can reassure them aside from quitting -- continuing with the sanctions and really be more bold with iran because of the way things have happened i think the leaders are suspicious of more of the same. if you notice when they were asked if the -- if the deal is a transaction or is a trance fortive, they say it is more of a transaction. as well as the rest of the world, this is at least transitional, meaning there's
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a nuclear deal, but this will open the door for more cooperation between the united states and iran. that does not mean that tomorrow iran and the united states will be allies. this may take a generation. there's a lot of pent up hostilities and suspicious between the united states and iran, nothing is going to be smooth in the coming years. saudi arabia and the united states may have suspicious but as we have heard the relationship is very strong, the united states is the patron for all sorts of affairs for the rest of the gulf countries. it is quite a depend relationship on the united states. >> so that what you are saying suggests they are not happying with the nuclear deal but they might accept it, but at the end of the day they will accept it.
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withdraws the program will be under so much supervision under this deal? and the theory that the u.s. will have more influence. >> you know, from the official statement that we have heard thus far, since the deal, is that saudi arabia and other country doss support the deal. if the deal is transparent and does put those option ins on iran, there has been official positions in support of that. but as we have been hearing over the last few hours days and weeks is that what they are worried about is the have edge tooic implications. i look at what they just said. and they were still able to destabilize various countries
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and enrich uranium. but then the continuer argument, if they are able to do all of that and that's what is worrying the gulf countries and other countries. >> the destablization of their own backyard. >> that's right. look at what happened in lebanon, look at what happened in other places. iran and i don't say that in any -- a condemnation type -- it's a state of fact, iran is a regional power. iran had interests. so iran does have a regional interest, can does have security interest. >> and influence. >> exactly so the fact that they want to get involved is not strange, it is not compare story, it is not condemning or. daing, it is a sense of life,
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but it is as if there is some gain in the region. and that's what the arabs and the gulf leaders are worried about. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> speaking to al jazeera yemen's foreign minister accused iran of backing rebels. in order to have more -- with them. the exclusion between us and iran.
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from the government, and a strong allied forces. since it started on tuesday. but the senior houthis leader speaking on lebanese television said they were committed to the truce. from the saudi capitol reports. >> there's a cease fire in place, and an opportunity for yemenis who have been confined to their homes for weeks to go out and buy food. >> thank god for the truth we hope all those stuck abroad can return, and that people will move quickly to provide food and fuel aening mo other things. here in the saudi capitol yemen's government in the exile has set up an agency to distribute aid across the country.
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nadia is minister of information, she says political talks are the only chance to avoided an all out civil war. >> now that we are in a truce of a sort, we hope that eventually we talk, because political discourse is what we are looking for. that means they have to surrender their heavy arms and refrain from taking action, violent isle against humanity. >> the government is led by the president and vice president. they are forced out of power when they took over the capitol. the government is hoping to return as soon as fighting comes to an end but for the time being they say the houthis and the former president should face trial.
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there have been systemic crimes against humanity committed by the houthis. organized units intentionally targeting civilian in adan refugees fleeing their homes it is a crime. reck cop silluation may be a long way weeks of fighting have deepens the divide between the countries feuding factions. yemen's main political factions are expected to meet here in the coming days to form a new alliance against the houthis and forces loyal to former president. they hope to build international support for the new alliance that is likely to run the country in the near future. still ahead on this news hour from london. columbia considering bans the use of --
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>> as they try to tackle president bashar al asaad's power base. and in sport the crash that could have ended alberto contadors historic title push. first, there are records that at least one soldier has been killed in fighting between rival forces. the main focus of the battle is the office of the state broadcaster in the capitol. it's been under attack from supporters. he is the former head of intelligence who led wednesday's coupe. earlier the radio station broadcast here is the fact whereabouts are not known. but he does have the support of the army chief of staff whose leading forces opposed to the coupe. malcolm web had the latest.
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>> the sounds of gunfire in the capitol. the streets are deserted. trying to escape the violence. similar scenes play out in other parts of the city, as rival groups fight for control. weeks of protests have now turned into gun battles after a senior military officer. he is out of the country, but on thursday, took to twitter urging to remain calm, in the face of the surface. this' been fighting around the media compound, the vie lance has drawn international concern. >> the secretary general calls on all parties to have calm and restraint. reminds all leaders of the
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need from pree yourself bouts of violence. and the head of the army says the attempted overthrow has failed, but it is still not clear if this attempted coupe has been successful or not. the united states says it still recognizes why the u.n. security council have condemned the coup. the president called for the return of constitutional order and an end to the violence. in the strongest sense possible the coup and is of the view that it does not stop the packs.
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he spent more than a weekend helping those in need. what it's been like all people out on the streets or are they too frightened to go out. i just walked out in the rain. not so far away, hardly anyone out there whatsoever. doesn't know who is in charge of the country right now. it's been a strange day each side has been claiming and then the victory. so truce -- various parts.
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>> of course very very important, that's how they get their information. >> that's right. last night the opposition oned down the government, and then this morning the opposition sup effort political discoursing radio stations -- so really the fight is over the national radio station and everything was around there and because from there they broadcast the message of the whole country. so that is whey the strategic import, and we were just listening to the bombings going on. >> yeah, terrifying experience, what are the people, the ordinary people the people you have helped what are they saying and what is happening in their country.
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last time i heard from one of them, he was very scared so all of our water has been off, and you don't know whether that will be for a day, -- and the garden -- so it is other friends who literally haven't got it now. most people we are the hungriest country in the word as it is so people are -- a friend of mine saying he is limited himself to nigerian troops have repelled hundreds that tried to attack the
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biggest army base on the northeast. it fears some fight iranians may have slipped inside the army base. >> sir january activists say at least nine government troops were killed when a roadside bomb exploded overnight. it is the last major town these men, coalition which includes a front fighters who are allied to al quaida. they took over the city over a month ago and have made gains in the entire province. >> it is a place where
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government forces are we need to get and target the forces. >> security means the rebels have the gate way to the coast, the president asaad's power base. but another front is declaring achievements in the mountains range. stale television says forces in hezbollah fighters have taken the have teenish mountain top and other areas it gives them a vantage point. it is important for all sides. hoses boal la had deployed thousands of fighters in heavy weapons to security the mountains. but despite the gains they have made, the fight is not over. the rebels are relying on hit and run tactics in the raid, and hezbollah has already
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paid the heavy price. at least two dozen hezbollah fighters have been killed since the battle began. it has one of the main reservoirs and it is close to the electric grid. government jets hit for a second day, a series of air strikes targeting a number of areas in the south and the southwest of aleppo. the targets were a marketplace and a school, activists say several people were killed, many of them women and children. al jazeera, beirut. >> syria's war was also high on the agenda at the latest nato summit which has wrapped up in turkey. and has this report. >> the violence in syria continues as the islamic state of iraq and the levant
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says it has taken territory. that's despites the continuing air strikes against the armed group. the international community is once again calling on syrian president to declare a cease fire. turkey has long been a vocal opponent of the regime, and has propose add series of so called secure zones to be implemented with which it shares a land border. the nato foreign minister summit in the southern turkish city, the threat from isil was discussed at length. what wasn't discussed was the proposal for the so called secure zone as task perhapses best suited for nato, but turkey has not brought up the issue. >> the turkish foreign minister at the previous foreign minister, a few months ago noticed that turkey does believe that this is the right thing to do, but did not request a role, we will see, of course, what happens here, but prime minister did not request a nato role when he was here earlier.
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so i don't expect honestly speaking for turkey can to request a role in create also safe zone. >> this foreign policy says the reason why the turkish haven't wanted to help is one of international politics. we know that they have within challenged out, and the fact that asaad has been pointed at as the main enemy. so there has been kind of an on going disagreement between russians concern canning political army national committee should target. right now the only commitment they have on is turkey's boarder with syria however this is idea of secure zones in other tomorrows but that hasn't been discussed with nato, and that's led many to wonder exactly what role turkey will play in any of conflict resolution, and whether it has the appetite
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for concrete action. 14 people have been killed in a taliban attack in afghanistan's capitol, nine of those were foreigners and five were afghan. where some people were having dinner, and others were attended a concert. a stand off follows lasting several hours. 54 people manages to escape. >> there was a party at the hotel, i saw the attackers sitting at the first table i got worried because i had not seen this guest before, he then pulled out his gun and fires on foreign ghosts, he shot everyone. >> rescuers in the philippines say they found result the bodies of those killed in a factory fire. up to 300 people were inside at the time. >> this is one of manila's
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deadliest fires. it engulfed most of the country, and it lasted more than seven hours. for most of the workers there was no way out his children and granddaughter were working in the factory when the fire broke out. this mourning he went inside and has a look, the chances they survive redirect examination slim the only thing that is left are burn t bones skulls they have all melted. go you see those windows even cats can't escape. i want to know what happens. how do i find what is left of them. >> we heard the big explosion, and everything just went black those on the second floor it was impossible to survive like many other plants here, city north of the capitol this factory manufactures products for the high end market. expensive sandals produced by
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workers who make less than three u.s. dollar as day. most of them are laborers with no medical benefits and job security. for the families waiting for news the situation has never been more confusing. the local government cannot confirm if labor regulations have been followed. the owner is unable to confirm the total number of workers that worked in that plant. >> and the death toll keeps rising. the priority right now is to assist the families and provide what they need, we have also asked for help from the national government, and the police to help identify the bodies. >> the orders are clear conduct a thorough investigation, and hold those responsibility accountability. but for those grieving the chars remains may not be able to provide any close
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thursday, their loves ones have already paid the ultimate price. al jazeera, man nip la still toe come registers for a new life nearly 600 people arrive in indonesian after being rescued from overcrowded boats. the leaders of the two most popular nation, discuss deals that can be worth billions of dollars. the amazing escape of an indy driver who took off on his very first practice lap.
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[beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight >> tuesday. you know his music but what about the man? >> i was given a gift. >> up close and personal.
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behind the scenes of the biggest hits. >> she was a troubled girl. >> brightest stars. >> kids don't want to "own", they just want to "play". >> and the future of music. >> the record business is in trouble. >> every tuesday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". tuesday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. welcome back to the news hour. iran's nuclear ambition has been the main focus of the meeting. between gulf cooperation council country leaders and the u.s. president. in help in developing the capabilities and said it would try to make them quickly. they have been able to go out to buy basic supplies after
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months of fighting. both the coalition and the rebels have been accused of violating the cease fire. we are getting reports that at least one soldier has been killed in fighting between rival fractions of the armed forces. it remains unclear who is in charge of the african country after the army overthrew the president on wednesday. the swearing in ceremony for the new government is finally underway let's show you live pictures. we are almost two months after winning the election, prime minister has been appropriating the line-up of his ministers to parliament. more on that, let's cross live to jerusalem, and speak to the correspondent, but why was there such a delay earlier. >> well if there was any doubt about how weak the prime minister's wafer thin
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majority is, the swearing in of israel's 34 government the ceremony anyway, is proof of that. this is ceremony as you rightly point out has been delayed because there was a lot of bickering between members of mr. netanyahu's party were now in the middle of the swearing in ceremony, but mr. netanyahu has been heckled mercilessly by lawmakers, in fact, the leader of the opposition isaac went as far as calling it a circus. and all of this really just underscores what i was saying that mr. netanyahu is presiding over a much weaker government that many people expected when he surprised everybody by showing a much better showing at the march election by winning far more seats than anyone expected. whatever the case, although this government is very weak, it's also quite frankly israel's most far right
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government in history. and that is saying a lot. in the background of this, mr. netanyahu has major issues he needs to do with. the piece process is completely stalled with the palestinians, and israel is still quite upset about the high cost of living in the country, and the country's sliding economy, so although mr. netanyahu is still a prime minister, what we are seeing right now in this ceremony, this swearing in ceremony is a pretty clear indication that this government that he has managed to putter together is a pretty weak one. lye be the latest there thank you. >> the death toll from the earthquake in nepal has
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climbed. the disaster has left buildings too dangerous for people to go inside even after the earthquake, katmandu looksser rene, but when you look close terrorist cracks appear. >> this large complex was evacuated during the earthquake, it is now a threat to those living in it's shadow. it made this sound. sounds like they have lived here for 30 years the building is more frightening than the earthquake. >> like -- the windows fall down, you know. >> next door the local bumper el thes us he was too afraid
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to reopen for business. but after nearly three weeks with no income, he had no choice. i am worried because the building may fall down on this. >> they are afraid all this can come crashing down. up the road, chipping away at the long list of damaged buildings municipal teams carry out inspections. there is a lot of bad news. but there is also some good news for those afraid to enter their own homes. the building inspectors say it is okay here, but even for those that are safe, the risk remains. >> this building is not just a menacing reminder, it is a potential disaster in itself. if it were to collapse, it could devastate this entire neighborhood. >> the apartment complex has been declared off limits.
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neighbors say i shouldn't have been built this the first place, alleging that city officials were bribe police department. the city's chief engineer told al jazeera, there is no proof that the high-rise building now in ruins does represent a threat to the surrounding community, and says the government is too busy to address the problem. homes around the area are awayne donned. the stress is too much for him and his family, and is forcing him to leave his childhood home. for now with uncertainty looming over their heads they can do little else but carry on with their lives. al jazeera katmandu. >> the u.n. refugee agency has begun registering hundreds of migrants who have arrived in indonesian. the u.n.c.c.r. says several thousands have within
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abandoned at seas. the situation could develop into a massive humanitarian crisis. al jazeera has more from us, from intwo nearby sha's north province. >> the stories of the hundreds of asylum seekers stranded here are horrifying. they are telling us they spent two too three months on a boat, trying to escape, trying to go to malaysia, and basically left them at sea to die, the people here managed to get to shore, because they are very close to the land already, and they were helped by local people, but many other boats at least four others that they know of are still out there, and the un commissions high commission for refugees said that thousands of others still at sea. and they make a very strong plea to the country here in the region, and malaysia, particularly to go there and find them try to rescue them,
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before it is too late and they say time is running out very quickly. >> 200 people rescued from the mediterranean sea have been brought ashore in sicily. the british warship from the port. migrants including children and several pregnant women were rescued off the coast of libya. maully's rebels have signed a preliminary peace deal with the government that say they will need more guarantees before signing a final accord. fighting and political differences over the region have long stood in the way of striking a p proker settlement. the government accepted the u.n. backed deal in march but the coalition said the proposal fell short of their demands for the northern region. india's prime minister is in china at the start of a three day firm aimed at increasing economic ties between the two most pop list nations.
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india and china have long standing border disputes but are expected to put those to one side to talk about economic deals that can be worth many billions of dollars. adrian brown has more. most foreign leaders begin state visits in the capitol. but in a departure from normal protocol, he flew first to the capitol of president's home province. a sign perhaps that the often strained relationship between the two neighbors may finally be easing. >> the president and prime minister are arguably the region's two most powerful leaders, ruling over a combined population of more than 2 1/2 billion a third of humanity. they have much in common, both are proud nationalists and both lead two of the world's fastest growing economies. with the growth rate now overtaken china's. >> the two leaders have a lot
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to discuss president wants to promote his ambition plans to establish new trade routs linking china with europe and south azia the problem is one of those proposed routs passes through cashmere, a region that is disputed by both pakistan, and india. >> it is the tensions over another border, that one that separated china that will be a dominant issue during this visit. both countries claim large swats of each other's territory, it led to a brief war more than 50 years ago. >> both governments have been making efforts to reduce tensions. but as long as the problem is left hanging it is a thorn in the side of the two countries relations. >> the city is more than 2,000 years old, modedy visited the wild twos, which houses works translated from
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sand script, is one of the most sacred buddhist sites in china. and of course, no visit would be complete without the warriors a collection of sculptures depicted the forces of china's first emperor, who triumphed over all his enemies. on thursday it was the symbiotic back drop it is an agonizing wait. water flooded three of the shops from as deep as 27 meters. rescuers say it could take days before all the wattser pumped out. 15 are missing and only a few
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manage do come out alive. >> i survived because it wasn't my day. i was the last one to come out, i was climbing with a friend from the hole grabbing those poles my friend didn't make it, because when the mine fills up it fills one the gas, and the gas drugged you. >> it isn't clear what caused the flooding but some faply members accused a local electricity company. >> it is horrible because my son had already sensed this, he told me that this would happen and it would be -- the local company's fault, they have no light to work with, he told me that last week, mum they are so unfair to us, that they will cut off the light, and if they cut out the light a disaster will happen look, it was not a lie. >> although this mine was operating legally most gold is extracted through illegal mines that and lax implementation of laws are contributing to unsafe mines. at least 120 people were killed last year, the
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government says it is doing the best it can to improve conditions for miners. >> when i found out this morning i get precise constructions the mining agency and the rink management director, so they can spare no effort to help those people trapped in the mine, in the meantime, our hearts are with the families and we will do everything possible to find them as quickly as possible promises of support don't mean much. al jazeera. columbian authorities are debating whether to end the use of toxic chemicals on illegal coco planations. farmers have complained about the dangers of spraying herbicides nor years. columbia's nark nark council suspendedded the use after the world health organization found the chemical used probably caused cancer. the method is nothing new
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cover a roof with grass, and it keeps the building warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. but it is now mandatory for some to have a green roof top. it is part of a new law at improving air quality there. >> tends to a little piece of paradise, green space is at a premium here, and this garden is on top of a shopping center, not far from the ifell tower. >> there is no spaces in paris to grow things so interesting area to do things and it is all part of the debate on how to stop global warming. >> and in some parts of paris, tiles are being replaced by grass, plants flowers and soil, this isn't just a growing trend. under a new law all roofs on new commercial buildings in industrial areas in france will have to be partially green. >> the whole idea behind this
2:46 pm
isn't just to make everything look that bit nicer, it is to try to improve bio diversity and air quality too. >> and pollution can be a problem in paris. for smog sometimes forces the authorities to ban half the cars from coming into the city. green roofs are being sold as one fairly inexpensive solution. >> green roofs are important to develop because they improve our quality of life, because in paris, we don't have much green space compared to other european capitols. it is also interesting for diversity, and has an impact on pollution. we can capture dust particles and some even capture heavy metals. >> some believe this green roof law could and should have gone further. >> these fine particles are no way absorbed by a few green roofs in industrial zones. it is completely ridiculous.
2:47 pm
emma hayward, al jazeera, in paris. >> still to come, the latest from the corvette that's where film makers are stars are showcasing the latest projects
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>> on the red carpet all eyes on the women it looks like they dominate this festival, while demand attention in front of the camera, when they get beend hoo it, they aren't so celebrated. >> only five of the 33 films in this festival line-up a direct hitted by women. a thriller about a nurse trying to precure a heart for her patient. and iran's the drama about a woman going through a divorce. in fact, in the last decade only 9% of the films in competition were filmed by females. mindful of the chris similar kahn is trying to shine a light on women this year.
2:50 pm
actress adorns every wall, and her caughtser here talking about the role of women in the industry. it is a cultural thing so it needs to change culturally all together, all of us, the hardest was to integrate my children with my professional life. >> they were also award this director with an honorary prize for her contributions to the french new way film movement. the festival was proud to open with this feature but that is not up for a prize we caught one the director to find out why more women have to make their voices heard. >> we have a different view from the men. we are doing movies with what we are so it's -- it's different.
2:51 pm
and it's better. >> that question of female perspective also consumed melissa silver steen, who campaigned for equality in the film industry. why are our stories not seen as universal with the male perspective is? we make up half the world our experience are just as valid, yes last year in the u.s. only 12 of the top 100 film had a female protagonistic. on the red carpet it is about what they are wearing off it it is about what the women want. the american civil liberties union is demanding an investigation into hollywood's hiring practices so let's hope this story has a hollywood ending. al jazeera, at the cannes film festival. >> thank you so much. well, the games that look set to bring big time contract back, could now be off.
2:52 pm
but next week's game are in doubt. they have been advised by their own government, it isn't definitely off yet and discussions are on going. our correspondent is in islamabad to explain why this could be would be so important for correct in pakistan. this would be the first test playing nation to come to pakistan in six years after that deadly attack on the team in 2009. this brought international correct to a grinding halt, it was also important because pakistan recently has performed very poorly particularly the match against bangladesh, which they lost 3-0. that is two above zimbabwe,
2:53 pm
so what pakistan was hoping and is hoping that if the match goes ahead then the pakistanis might recover some of the lost ground, and particularly because they are playing in front of the home ground, so there's a lot of anticipation, excitement, but at the back of their minds people are concerned that all this could be called off. >> correct australia has announced an independent review into the death of phillip hughes. ask being struck by a ball during a match last year. australia correct said the report won't be about blame but will instead focus on preventing an accident of this nature happening again. >> well, days of uncertainty the spanish football season is set to finish as scheduled.
2:54 pm
more from madrid. >> well, it's been a complicated difficult and many ways damaging few days for spanish football, be uh the nightmare scenario has been avoidedded, no vehicle, and the court knew full well the damage being done, legally it was very complicated but they have found a way to not only rule against the strike, but also to get all the parties involved together to try to face them. i think lit be considerable time for the problems barely beneath the surface in spanish before it is resolved. what people really cared about is the season would finish as it was meant to, and now we have a scenario where they can play, the ultimate league match on sunday against athletic madrid, if they get a result there, they can win they will have another chance to do it if it doesn't work out for them, then there's the spanish cup final, and of
2:55 pm
course barcelona also involved in the champions league, there hasn't been effected by this domestic dispute, but it would have hardly been ideal if the season was haunted. a great deal of relief from football fans whether it is here in madrid or across spain, that football goes ahead as plans. in what will be his fair wail home game after 17 years with the club, he is leaving after this season to join the l.a. galaxy. >> i don't know what it will like, when i get a chance to say goodbye for real, i have been dreading this moment in a strange way. becausely miss it so much, playing the outfield, playing for the fans i will misplaying with my teammates it will be emotional but i plan to try to keep it together and avoided the tears. >> andy murray has quit the
2:56 pm
open winning his last two events he beat nadal in that final, he is playing in rome, the next play, standard roger federer also through he beat south africa anderson in two set. this is one title he has yet to win serena williams has bulled out of the women's tournament, with an elbow injury. her sister is out as well, the remaining world number two set up a meeting with alexandra. congress that door suffering a really bad crash at the end of thursday's stage. the spaniard is the overall leader injured his left arm
2:57 pm
during a crash on the final sprint. colliding with a camera held by a fan and then bringing down other cyclist avoiding the crash was gentleman righter who sprinted to the victory. contador was able to walk over the line, but the severity of his injury is zillion being determined he is aiming to become the first rider in close to 20 years to win the tour de france. in h the same year. the very first term on the pratt tick lap. amazingly he was able to walk away, and is set to take part in car fying for the race. >> ouch. >> andy, thank you very much indeed for that. >> please don't go too far away david post her have you on the news in a couple of
2:58 pm
minutes, bye bye.
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barack obama reassures allies over the nuclear deal at the camp david summit. watching al jazeera, live from london. also in the next 30 minutes. gunfire and explosions in the capitol is fighting amido confusion over who is in charge. decide whether to end the u.s. backed spray of illegal crops.